A world leading manufacturer and supplier of automated and real-time wayside pantograph condition monitoring system.

Pantoinspect A/S, based in Denmark is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of automated and real-time wayside pantograph condition monitoring systems.

Pantoinspect, the first company worldwide to develop an automated pantograph condition monitoring system in 2008, in Co-operation with Banedanmark, the Danish Infrastructure Manager.

PantoInspect is serving some of the leading infrastructure owners and train operators such as Deutsche Bahn, RATP, Infrabel, Sydney Trains, Network Rail, Siemens, OBB and Banedanmark to name a few.

A High-performance and Robust PantoScanner


Supported Velocity

Over 350km/h






0.89 * 0.74 * 0.32m


Ambient Temperature

-40°C to +50°C

Ambient Humidity

up to 98%

Detection of
Pantograph Damages

Missing Carbon

Edge Chip

Abnormal Wear

Missing and Displaced Horns

Carbon Detachment

Uplift Displacement and Force

Yaw, Roll and Pitch Angle

Carbon Thickness

Proven End-to-End Solution for Pantograph Condition Monitoring

Our powerful software is a proven end-to-end solution that uses advanced machine learning algorithms for pantograph condition monitoring. All measurement data captured from train passages can be fully visualized and validated by the operator. It also enables 3rd party integration via API, allowing you to integrate and share data from the PantoSystem with various other systems and applications. PantoInspect also offers hassle-free hosting of the software so that you can concentrate on your core business.


Automatic Analysis (No human evaluation)

WebClient (Rich web-based user interface)

API (Easy external integration)

Alarm Handling (Intuitive and flexible alarm flow)

Damage Visualization (3D color coded representation)

Statistics (Big data mining)

Language (Supports all major languages)

User-friendly and Feature-rich WebClient

The user-friendly and feature-rich PantoClient is a cloud-based WebClient platform which connects to the back end of the PantoSystem. Real-time insight on the condition of all pantographs and a flexible alarm handling procedure are automatically accessible to the operator. Advanced data analysis can also be carried out to support predictive and preventative maintenance and improve operational decision-making

All Browser Enabled Devices

You can instantly access the WebClient from any internet- connected devices such as desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Live Imaging & 3D Scan

For every train passage and alarm, photos and a 3D scan are automatically generated. This enables you to accurately monitor and detect the severity of a pantograph damage.

Statistics & Reporting

A powerful statistics tool enables you to conduct pattern and trend analysis on your entire fleet of trains and pantographs. You can also export and store statestical data generated by the PantoClient and create reports to share with the rest of your organization.

User Roles & User Groups

You can easily assign administrator, user, and observer roles via the WebClient. This enables you to delegate tasks and enhances team collaboration.

Tagging of Train Passages

A tag, similar to a hashtag, can be added to any train passage, in case a pantograph damage requires attention. This makes it easier to search and share a collection of train passages.

Multiple Language Support

The WebClient incorporates multilingual options for your individual preferences.

Audiovisual Alarm

PantoAlerter is an audiovisual alarm notification device. It communicates with the API through WI-FI or wired Ethernet. A buzzer and colored flashlights are used to notify the operator about the severity of an alarm. It can be configured through a built- in web server or be connected to your own WebClient. PantoAlerter can be placed anywhere on your desk, allowing you to visually monitor alarms generated by the PantoSystem, meanwhile managing other work tasks.