Track Machines

About Harsco

A Global Supplier for Track Maintenance and Construction Management

Harsco Rail is a global supplier for railway track maintenance and construction equipment, with a broad range of high quality equipment, cutting-edge technology and worldwide support. Harsco Rail takes care of customers’ needs for all major aspects of track maintenance and construction. Delivering innovation and performance, Harsco Rail meets the demands of the track every day.

Track Stabilizer

Harsco Rail’s Track Stabilizer, Model TS-30, stabilizes the track by inserting controlled and accurate force directly into the track structure. The operator has the ability to set the desired down-feed pressure for each rail and the machine maintains that constant pressure until the operator changes it.

Rail Grinding Machine

As its international grinding presence continues to expand, Harsco Rail is advancing its grinding equipment and services by focusing on innovative technology and meeting individual customer specifications. Each grinding operation has its unique requirements and Harsco Rail focuses on developing a machine that will ensure a successful grinding operation in every application.

Road/Rail Grinder

The Harsco Rail by Möser road/rail-grinding machine RO-V 149 is the ideal grinding vehicle for tram and metro networks. It fulfils all requirements for rail grinding in metropolitan areas and is suitable for reprofiling, removing corrugation and rolled skin and for contact grinding.

Certified for use in the UK and with Network Rail acceptance, the RO-V 149 is available for contracted services on tramways, light railways and industrial railways. Impact in terms of flexibility and meeting our customers’ needs.

Transit Grinder

Harsco Rail's RGHC Transit Grinder series, strives to create the optimal wheel/rail contact while prolonging the lifespan of the track. The machine can effectively grind switches, guarded curves and road crossings and is available in various gauges including an adjustable gauge version. The Transit Grinder will extend the track life with enhanced performance at a low overall cost.

TRT-909 Track Renewal System

Harsco Rail’s TRT-909 track renewal system provides a more efficient and effective way to handle major track renewal programs. The TRT-909 works with concrete, pre-plated wood, or steel ties. It delivers simplicity in operation for customers and leaves behind high quality track with precise tie spacing and a smooth ballast bed.