Switchboard Cabinet

Switch Board Cabinets

Switch Board Cabinet (SBC) consists of power/control switchgear for coach lighting, air conditioning, pantry, pump control, sanitary system and public address system etc. of LHB type AC EOG Coach suitable for 3 phases, 750 volts, at 50 Hz train lighting system is designed as per the RDSO specification No. RDSO/PE/SPEC/AC/0184 – 2015 (Rev-1)

The switch board cabinet comprises of the various cubicles consisting of power and control switchgear, measuring / indicating instruments, protection devices, light fan & sanitary/pump control, controller of the air conditioning unit, switchgear for the pantry equipment, battery charger, disconnecting and earthing device, DC-DC converter insulation monitoring devices. etc.

RDSO/PE/SPEC/AC/0184 - 2015, Rev-0, Rev-1 or latest for LHB AC Coaches.

RDSO/PE/SPEC/TL/0195-2019 Rev-0 for LSLRD Coaches

RDSO/PE/SPEC/AC/0200-2020 Rev-0 for LHB Garib Rath Coaches

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